LABORATOIRE SONIAM has developed some actives in order to answer in the best way to the varied needs of the cosmetic industry:

  • SON’ACTIVE RETINOL OIL : Anti-aging active (with dosage in retinol)
  • SON’ACTIVE SALICYLIC ACID : Keratolytic active (with dosage in salicylic acid)
  • SON’ACTIVE HAIR CARE : Hair care actives
  • SON’PEELING FRUIT 300 AHA 15 : Peeling complex (with dosage in AHA)
  • ANTIOX’SON α (ALPHA) and β (BETA) : Antioxidant actives made from young Alfalfa and young Barley (antioxidant activity tested – ORAC value)
  • ANTIOX’SON FLOWER : Antioxidant actives made from flowers (antioxidant activity tested – ORAC value)
  • SLIM’SON Active WS : Slimness active (with dosage in caffeine)
  • WHITENING’SON Active : Whitening active (with dosage in arbutin)

All these references are available in NON-ORGANIC grade as well as in ORGANIC certified grade.