Research and development for Innovation

SONIAM maintains close collaborations with universities and major French research centers acting and investing in the fields of thinness, anti-aging depigmentation and skin hydration.

We are in an ongoing process of research and innovation. We constantly work on the development of new actives and on specific projects in partnership with cosmetic companies in France and abroad.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think our products and skills might help you finalize your products.


A mastery of the entire production chain from the plants cultivation to their integration in your formulation

Laboratory tests

  • Polysaccharide synthesis
  • Depigmenting tests
  • Anti-oxidant testing
  • Slimming Active

Our skills at your service: Developing new assets for your specific projects

SONIAM Laboratories will offer you biological and natural assets for your organic and natural formulations for your cosmetic products and to be better. Depending on the desired benefits, the desired scents or the textures envisaged, our teams will develop for you and with you the organic and natural plant extracts you need.